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Sleep Tips: Getting Back To Sleep At 4 AM

Sleep Tips: Getting Back To Sleep At 4 AM

The problem with being awake at 4 am is that you know you are in bad place with your sleep and that your upcoming day will be tiring. It causes more frustration as you continue to wait it out and obsess over the fact that you are not asleep.

In the long run, practicing good sleep hygiene such as avoiding electronics an hour before bed, keeping your bedroom cool and keeping a consistent sleep-wake schedule will help maintain the quantity and quality of your rest. For the occasional bout of insomnia that we all get at times, try these tips to end up in dreamland:

Don’t stay in bed: It is important not to lie in bed any longer than 15-20 minutes when you can’t sleep because it breaks the association between your bed and sleep, possibly leading to more insomnia problems. Leave your bedroom to spend time doing a relaxing, non-stimulating activity. Try reading a magazine, doing the dishes, taking a warm bath or listening to soothing music.

Practice relaxation techniques: A little relaxation can go a long way. Try learning calming yoga poses and meditation, focusing on loosening your muscles and the rise and fall of your breathing. Visualization, the “mental distraction technique,” can also be  effective. By picturing yourself some place, you aren’t focusing on the fact that you can’t sleep.

Let go of your anxiety: It can be difficult to shut your brain down at night when you’re nervous about stressful situations. A big meeting, your bank account, and social ties can have you up for hours. Try keeping a worry journal, setting a time to write in it a couple of hours before bed and close the book on those thoughts. If you are worried about something happening the next day, don’t count down to it, turn your clock around and visualize a relaxing, positive scene.

Be careful with medications: Of course, medication shouldn’t be your first option to get to sleep, but if you need to go this route, proceed with caution. Make sure that you are taking the medication early enough to sleep it off, taking it to close to your wake up time will lead to grogginess. Never use over-the-counter medications as a long term option, and always check with a doctor to ensure you aren’t causing a synergistic effect with other medications you are taking.

Consult with a doctor: If your lack of sleep is becoming the norm, don’t hesitate to see a doctor immediately. A lack of sleep does affect your daytime behavior and can place yourself and others in danger, especially when it comes to driving.

We at Gallery Furniture want you to be your best! We know the importance of getting the proper amount of rest every night! You deserve to be healthy, happy and full of energy every day. Turn off those lights and get to be early tonight!

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