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Your Bed Sheets May Be Getting a New IQ to Help You Snooze



How smart are your bed sheets? According to a new report, researcher Paulino Vacas Jacques has invented a system that can make textiles smart, and a way to make this technology available to the majority of the population.

As a specialist in infrared physics and an entrepreneur, Vacas Jacques is adamant that his new invention can be included in bed sheets and bedspreads to track how many hours of snooze a person is getting, along with measuring their sleep cycles. This information obtained from the bed sheets could then be reported a licensed physician or sleep specialist.

Making textiles smart could also help patients and physicians by providing a more accurate assessment, as spending the night in an impersonal lab can cause some anxiety for some sleepers.

Specifically, Vacas Jacques is aiming his technology at people who suffer from depression, as the link between the mental illness and poor sleep is one that numerous studies around the world have confirmed.

However, his new system is versatile and plenty of textiles will be getting a new IQ as interested companies can request particulars regarding the technological base, or “motherboard,” to ensure their fabrics can perform specific tasks in the environment required.

Just last year British Airways caught our attention as they aimed to enhance their passengers’ flights with their “happiness blanket,” specifically designed to monitor levels of stress and relaxation, as well as promote better quality sleep.

Pretty soon we all may be able to enjoy deeper sleep each night thanks to technology and the hard work of scientists around the world. Until then, we must keep up with our healthy bedtime habits to ensure we are getting the benefits of quality snooze to live fuller lives. Trust us, it’s worth it!

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