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Start the New Year Well Rested

Every December 31st, people around the world look forward to bringing in the new year with fun and friends! Unfortunately, for many, the fun and celebrations come with a steep price the next day. Lost productivity on January 1st has become so common place that most people just assume that not much work will be done on the first of the year. Start 2017 right when you are alert and ready to go!

Celebrate the New Year Without Regrets

Celebrate New Year’s and wake up rested
The traditional end of year celebrations can be fun and exciting but can also leave you tired and exhausted in the morning. But, it is possible to have a great time during New Year’s and still have energy the next day.

Sleep Well
Get a good night’s sleep before and after New Year’s. If you find you are tired after staying up late to toast with friends, a 45-minute nap may be just what you need to stay alert.

Sleep Well and Wake Up Rested

Limit your alcohol consumption
For many people, a champagne toast is the traditional way to ring in the New Year. Be responsible with your drinking, and you can avoid a splitting headache the next morning.

Remember to Eat
Eat a healthy lunch and dinner before your big event. Snacking throughout the evening can help you to stay alert and awake.

Healthy Food to Fuel Your Body

Fuel your Body with Healthy Food

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