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Ask Brandon: The Blanket vs. Comforter Debate

Ask Brandon

While most adults need  7-9 hours of sleep each night for optimal health and performance levels, it can take some time and adjustments to make quality rest work for you.  Find out what makes you the most comfortable in your sleep cave and what habits you should add or subtract.

Q:Where do you fall on the comforter vs blanket debate? -I love my down comforter, but I’ve been looking at wool blankets recently for temperature regulation.

Do have a recommendation for brand or type/features to look for in a comforter or blanket? Do you have a recommendation for brand or type/features of sheets? I usually go by feel which isn’t possible when buying online.

And thank you so much for doing this. It’s clear you are passionate about your work. Sleep is just about the only sacred thing at my house. It can mess up so much if something isn’t right.

A: Thanks for your kind compliments, I truly appreciate them and am truly passionate about my work, I’m so happy it shows!

1. Blanket vs. Comforter: I am a comforter person myself. I don’t like wool. I know that some people enjoy wool for its temperature (cooling or heating qualities), but for me nothing beats a nice down filled duvet. I believe it’s a matter of personal preference, neither is”right” or “wrong.”

Additionally, I recommend a minimum of 500 grams, regarding a comforter. It should be double de-quilled, and it should be a high-quality of down, such as Canadian or Hungarian down. Blankets I am not as experienced with, my apologies.

When choosing sheets, I advise Frete sheets, if going higher end. Hotel Brand, Pandora brand (another high end) and Tempur-Pedic also make fantastic sheets. It is truly the knot, not the thread count, that really determines the best sheets. I am not very knowledge on the number of knots per thread count that leads to optimal comfort, but I can suggest those brands. Agreed about sleep being sacred — thank you so much, great questions!!

Q: How often do I need to flip/rotate my queen size mattress that my wife and I both sleep on?

A: If your mattress is of an older style that still should be flipped, it is suggested to do so four times a year. If you have a non-flip mattress, I would suggest rotating and lying in the middle of the bed to create a level sleep surface. Thank you so much!

There is nothing wrong with striving to be the best at sleep! Make sure that your bedroom environment promotes sleep and has a great bed that you can’t wait to into at your consistent bedtime. With fantastic sleep, you simply can’t lose!

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