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Ask Brandon: Increase Your Comfort With The Right Mattress

Ask Brandon

Your comfort level is important when it comes to how you sleep, hence the importance of getting the right mattress.  Keep in mind that the quality of your sleep is just as important as the quantity. Your shut-eye should go uninterrupted for the recommended 7-9 hours a night and leave you feeling rejuvenated in the morning and productive throughout the day. These questions of the week were great to respond to!

Q: I have horrible back from chronic stenosis and ruptured discs. I also do physical therapy every week. What’s the best mattress for me?

A: Best bed for back pain, doctors and chiropractors recommend Tempur-Pedic for lower back pain than any other brand in America. If you do physical therapy every week, I advise consulting with your physician about this because he/or she may have advice since he/or she is rehabilitating your back. I may be interrupting that plan with my feedback.

Q: I’ve noticed there’s a difference between sleeping on a comfortable mattress on a bed, compared to having that same mattress lay on the floor. Is there a reason for this?

A: Yes, it is the foundation under the mattress. In my opinion, the foundation plays as much of a role in the comfort of the mattress as the actual mattress itself. Therefore, a mattress directly on the floor would be a firmer foundation thus making the bed feel less comfortable. Alternatively, if you put it on a semi-deflective surface such as a box spring, it will make the bed slightly more comfortable because it will yield when the mattress is giving (under the pressure of a human body/bodies on top). Thank you for asking!

Q: Does flipping your mattress over help?? I sampled a gel bed and it was incredible, but also $4000. Are there any cheaper ways to get that same level of comfort?

A: Thanks for asking. If you still have an older model mattress which can be flipped, it does help and is suggested it’s flipped  4 times a year. Most new model mattresses are one side only, and  I suggest with those mattresses to not rotate them.  Instead,  make an effort for yourself or your partner to sleep in the middle of the mattress from time to time to create the most level sleep surface possible. Regarding the gel bed, you will most likely be able to find a similar mattress for $2000. We carry a Sealy Hybrid Trust which is a gel infused memory foam mattress that is only $1700 (not saying that’s cheap, but less expensive than the $4000 model you mentioned). I suggest continuing to shop around locally and you should find one that matches that level of comfort at a better price point.

Sleep and the components that you need to make it the best are non-negotiable.  There is a difference from sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t support you the way that you need and one that goes above and beyond your necessities. You deserve to go without back problems and make your sleep experience the best that it can be! For more mattress help, email me at

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