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Winners Sleep: Why Sleep Matters to Athletes

Winners Sleep: Why Sleep Matters to Athletes

If you haven’t felt motivated to join Team Sleep just yet, think about how your last athletic endeavor went, then take a look at the very neat info-graphic below! Provided by Mind Body Green in the world of Pinterest, it’s the perfect tool to encourage all athletes to tuck in to reach their peak performance.

Whether you need to increase your accuracy at tennis, improve your split-second decision making skills during football or protect your body from exhaustion during a marathon, sleep can do it all! Your muscles need to recover in order to maximize all of the hard training you are putting it through each day to help you become the next MVP.

While some pro athletes need up to 12 hours each night to feel their best, most are getting their well-approved 8 hours of snooze to dominate their sport. The key is to listen to your body’s needs to discover how much shut-eye you need on your journey to shatter records in the sport you love. And, remember quality is just as important as quantity; make your sleep hygiene count. For more reasons that sleep is essential to athletes, click here!

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