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Ask Brandon: What’s Up With The Booming Sleep Industry?

Ask Brandon

I truly enjoy my career choice as a sleep expert at Gallery Furniture! The sleep industry is definitely growing each year as more people learn about the benefits and importance of sleeping well. Thank you for all of these fun ones this week! 

Q: How does one become a sleep expert? Where have you traveled? Are naps a good thing?

A: Thanks for asking! I have read thousands of articles, dozens of books and spent hundreds of hours with the top sleep pathologists in the world to learn more about sleep as a practice, sleep health and how sleep affects our body and brain. In regards to mattress knowledge, I have been to the manufacturing facilities of literally every major mattress manufacturer in America, including Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Stearns and Foster, and many others. Here in Houston, TX, St. Luke’s Hospital has certified my program as being the most proficient and most scientific way to diagnose sleeping surfaces for people without being a doctor. Memorial Herman Hospital has also granted me the same certification. Many mattress manufacturers here in the USA such as Tempur-Pedic, Sealy and others consider me an expert in foam, fabrics, steel, engineering as well as diagnosing sleep issues for people. Regarding naps —they are certainly a good thing, as long as one is getting the appropriate amount of sleep a night in conjunction with them. I would also advise making sure your naps are for 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes, no more, no less than those set times. The body tends to sleep in 30 minute intervals so completing one of those intervals is very important. Thank you so much!

Q: Did you ever watch the Penn & Teller BS episode on the “Sleep” Industry? If so what did you think about it?

A: Sorry I have not watched it, but I did just watch a small portion of it on YouTube. An interview with Dr. Daniel Kripke, and his feedback regarding sleep medication:  While I don’t agree with everything he said (the 10 minutes comment) I do agree with certain aspects. I personally take a medicine to sleep every day, and as a doctor confirmed insomniac,  I can say that I personally believe my medicine helps me to sleep better and for me, the proof is in the numbers: I sleep more now (8-10 hours every night) than I ever have in my adult life, so for me, it works. That is, mind you, after many, many failed attempts at medication, with different medications that did not work for me and were an abject failure. I do stand by the fact that I think sleep, restorative, restful sleep in excess of 7.5 hours every day, is good for EVERYONE. Thanks for asking, I appreciate it!

The sleep industry is booming as everyone is realizing just how important sleep is, but remember that every product isn’t made for you, and that is ok. Your sleep needs are all unique and you must stick with what works for you.  Start keeping a sleep diary to find out which factors are playing a role in your sleep. For more help, send your questions to!

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