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Ask Brandon: The Differences Between Top Mattress Brands

Ask Brandon

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults sleep 7-9 hours a night for optimal health and performance levels. It can take some time and adjustments to make sleep work for you, but I believe you can do it! Find out what makes you the most comfortable in your sleep cave and what habits you should add or subtract.

Q:  I’m so confused about the differences between the Dormeo Octaspring, the Vi- Spring and the Tempur-Pedic mattresses. Are they all similar in comfort and all available in ergo??

A: They are all available in ergo, but are all different in terms of comfort. Dormeo Octaspring is the type of mattress that you sleep on top of, while Tempur-Pedic and Vi-Spring are the sort of mattresses you sleep inside of. Tempur-Pedic and Vi-Spring will create more of a nesting effect, while Dormeo performs similar to a latex mattress while being manufactured of memory foam (in the form of wiffle coils or memory foam springs). All 3 brands offer varying levels of comfort from firm to soft and they are all great, but it is important to identify what sort of sleep surface you prefer so that we can make sure we get you the best mattress for the best nights’ sleep for you. Feel free to provide any follow up info here if you would like and we will reply, or you can come visit me (Brandon) personally at our 6006 North Freeway Gallery Furniture Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday!

Q: I bought a new pillow top firm mattress almost a year ago. Every night I go to sleep at a decent hour, but every morning I wake up with very bad back pain and feel like I’ve never been to sleep.  Is this because of my mattress? If so why?

A: Great question! Yes, it is your mattress. It probably has a slight body impression, causing you to toss and turn because your body isn’t getting the proper support that  it is seeking. Also, what we find is that some people almost twist their back when sleeping on their side, which causes extra tension in the back. When a person sleeps like that for an extended period, it causes a false sense of support but causes stiffness in the back due to reduced blood circulation. I advise placing a pillow between the knees to avoid the extra twist if you do sleep on your side, or if the problem persists, I would recommend visiting us and looking at a new mattress to alleviate pressure on the hip and provide better support for your back.

Q: Hi Brandon, I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer February last year. I’ve only had my mattress for around 7 years, but, since I’ve been having chemo treatments I’ve been experiencing severe back and neck pains. Could  you please give me some advice. Thanks!

A: God bless you as you keep up the good fight, you are an inspiration to us all! The real concern with serious medical treatments, such as chemotherapy or severe arthritic rehabilitation, is that you may be sinking too far into your mattress, thus not allowing you the mobility you need to achieve a level of comfort. I recommend that whatever sleeping surface you have currently, that you remove all the sheets to see if you have a body impression on the bed. That will tell us if you are in the bed more than you should be, as ideally you will be on the bed. If you don’t currently use a mattress protector, I may suggest one, but the most important factor will be if there is a body impression which may be indicative of not receiving proper support, which will greatly influence the amount of optimal quality sleep you get. If I may, I also suggest an adjustable bed, because it will allow you to sit up and take pressure off of your esophagus thus making it easier to breath and allowing more freedom of mobility. Also by lifting the feed you will remove pressure off your neck and spine. Gallery Furniture carries adjustable beds from twin to king in a wide variety of prices to fit your needs. Feel free to call and ask for me, Brandon, anytime! Great speaking with you!

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