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How to Use Your Feet to Fall Asleep

More satisfying sleep may only be one foot away, literally. You may have heard that sticking one foot outside of your blanket can help you fall asleep faster, but it’s not just a rumor.

According to a video shared on YouTube by New York Magazine, science has plenty of facts to back up this easy sleep tip. While higher body temperatures are associated with improved memory, alertness, attention and reaction times, the dip in body temperature that occurs right before your bedtime helps you feel sleepy.

Sleep experts recommend keeping cool during the night to prevent nighttime awakenings, but you should also know that anything that cools you down before you tuck in is also beneficial to help you fall asleep.

Your feet in particular contain special vascular structures just below the skin to help regulate heat loss. When your feet are exposed to cool night air, the blood there chills down, and as it circulates throughout your body it cools down your core temperature.

Enjoying cooler sleep in Houston during the summer can be a difficult task, but get creative and stay committed to taking advantage of all the benefits that quality shut-eye provides.

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