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Sleeping on an airplane

Sleep on the Plane – Arrive Rested and Ready to Go!

A red-eye flight always sounds like such a great idea. You can make the most of your vacation time by sleeping on the plane and arriving at your destination ready to take in all of the sights. But, because sleeping on a plan can be so uncomfortable, you are usually so tired when you arrive that all you can do is crawl into the hotel bed as soon as possible, completely drained and physically sore. The entire first day of your trip ends up going to waste as you try to recover from the journey.

Getting even a wink of sleep on a plane is nearly impossible for most people. Even if you can tune out the constant noise, the inevitable turbulence, and the glowing lights, the moment you start to nod off, your neighbor will nudge you awake so they can sneak by to the bathroom. And even though you know it is coming, this pattern repeats itself over and over again.

Neck pillows put in a valiant effort to ease this problem, but to no avail. They are supportive enough for a light nap, but not a deep sleep. One company understood the struggle and created the FaceCradle for sound travel sleeping. This travel pillow is good for far more than just a nap.

Simply hook the pillow strap to the back of your seat, feel the tension go, and sink into any of the five sleeping modes. Forget about disrupted rest!

Sleep deeply as you are cradled in comfort!

Sleep deeply as you are cradled in comfort!

Of course, you can also use this as a more traditional fashion and still get the benefits of the extreme comfort.

A simple light snooze has never been so restful.

A simple light snooze has never been so restful.

So go ahead and take that red eye this time. With the FaceCradle, you won’t have to waste an entire day of your precious vacation time on sleep when you arrive.

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