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Is a sleep mask the right choice for me?

We’ve all had those nights: You climb into bed, but you can’t fall asleep because the street light outside is just a little too bright. Over the years, plenty of products have taken aim at eliminating the light affecting sleep. Sleep masks are one of these products. Before you invest in a sleep mask, you may be wondering two questions:

  • Do they promote better sleep?
  • Is one right for me?

Before making a decision about whether a sleep mask is a good sleep tool for you, here are some details about what they are and how they may help you get a more restful night of sleep.

What is the mask made from?

Sleep masks come in a variety of materials and styles. In general, masks are made from fleece, microfiber or soft wool to offer a softer feel. Additionally, while there are plenty of fabric colors available, a darker fabric will be better at blocking out light.

Will it help me sleep better?

Research has shown time and again that a dark bedroom can lead to better sleep. Eye masks can help you sleep smarter by plunging you into darkness when it’s time for bed. Light, whether from the moon, a streetlight or your alarm clock, can keep your brain activity humming, leading to restless sleep. By removing any light distractions, your brain can more effectively shut down so you can get a night of deep slumber.

Are there any drawbacks?

Sleep masks require a few nights to get used to, which can be irritating for some users. If having a snug band around your head is not comfortable to you, you might want to consider an alternative method (such as blackout curtains). On the other hand, if you already sleep deeply and have trouble waking up, a sleep mask may make it even more difficult to wake up in the morning.

How do I know which sleep mask is right for me?

There are several ways to determine if an eye mask fits correctly. Try to find one with an adjustable strap, so you can ensure that the mask is snugly against your face without being too tight. The mask should not put any pressure on the eyes at all. Since there are different types of fabrics used, find one that offers a soft, smooth feel against your skin. Above all else, you’ll want to choose a sleep mask that is designed to help you sleep better instead of one that just looks fashionable.

Sleep smarter with a sleep mask! Just remember: An eye mask may be right for you if you live in a city, have lights in your room, or work at night and sleep during the day.

A sleep mask can help you sleep better and longer!

A sleep mask can help you sleep better and longer!


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