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Why the change in seasons might help you sleep better

There are a lot of things that can affect your sleep. Stress, chronic pain, medications, and food can all affect your sleep quality. But did you know weather could also affect quantity and quality of your slumber? As fall weather brings a drop in temperature, you may find yourself getting deeper, more restful sleep.

Throughout the day, the body’s internal temperature ebbs and flows. When body temperature drops, your body gets ready to catch some zzzs, and you’ll notice yourself getting drowsy. (The same phenomenon happens around lunchtime, which is why an afternoon nap might sound appealing.) The larger the internal temperature drop, the more tired you’ll become.

Because your body rests best when its internal temperature is lower, you can get deeper sleep when the external temperature is cooler. On the other hand, in the summer when the air temperature is too high and humid, your body’s internal temperature can rise, disturbing your slumber. That can mean you are missing out on all of the benefits deep sleep hormones provide.

As fall weather cools down, your body has the perfect environment for better rest. In fact, while the ideal temperature depends on personal preference, the best deep sleep happens between 60 and 70 degrees F.

Tips Sleep Better in Cooler Weather

Since temperature can play a significant role in sleep quality, you can sleep smarter by exaggerating the temperature drop your body goes through at night. Here are some ideas:

  • Increase your body’s temperature with a warm bath a few hours before bed. That way, when bedtime rolls around, your internal body temperature will drop further, faster.
  • Sleep in fewer layers. Instead of snuggling up under mountains of blankets that can raise your body’s temp, remove a layer of blankets for a cooler night’s sleep.
  • Warm up then cool down. Whether you want to warm up in front of a fire, wrap yourself in multiple blankets or cuddle with a buddy, warming yourself up before making your way to a cool bed can help deepen your sleep.

The cooler air temperatures in fall and winter months mean you can experience deeper, more restful sleep when it’s time for bed.

A cooler temperature can help you sleep better!

A cooler temperature can help you sleep better!


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