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Sleep Smarter Blog: Scents that help you sleep better

There’s a little good in everything. Even if you’re someone who has a hard time going to sleep and you’ve spent one too many days at the office worn out, going on nothing but caffeine and sugar, there’s a silver lining you may be missing.

And it’s something much better than being able to watch those late-night television shows about aliens and the ancient Egyptians.

The good news, if you’ll believe it, is that the ongoing quest for better sleep has just started smelling a whole lot better.

Scent provides a powerful way to evoke emotions and can also help you relax when you most need to. For this reason, aromatherapy for sleep has become popular not only for its effectiveness, but because it creates a relaxing atmosphere that will make falling asleep a joy.

Many people use lavender oil for sleep. Available in small vials, you can also buy a lavender pillow, scented candles or even incense to bring the calming smell into the room. Studies have also found that a massage done with lavender oil may result in better sleep, less anxiety, improved concentration and more. Perhaps if you play your cards right, you can talk your husband or wife into giving you a massage before bedtime!

In addition to lavender, these three scents below are most popular for helping people fall asleep:

Vanilla. Just like vanilla-flavored ice cream, vanilla’s scent is widely popular because it isn’t too strong. Studies have found this fragrance can even help to stabilize your heart rate and reduce stress. So even if you don’t have trouble falling asleep, a little vanilla fragrance can go a long way.

Valerian. Known for its anxiety-reducing properties, valerian helps many people not only fall asleep more quickly but stay asleep longer. While it is primarily used to treat insomnia, adherents claim valerian root can help with stomach issues, heart palpitation and more. The only downside is that not everyone finds the smell entirely pleasant.

Jasmine. Some swear jasmine works better than lavender, and like lavender, jasmine-scented pillows, candles and air fresheners are often used for their fragrance alone.

Field of calming lavender.

Field of calming lavender.


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