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Focus on Thinking Before Bed

Hurricane Harvey has destroyed homes across Texas. Most of us are suffering from sleep deprivation and stress. If you need help ReBuilding or would like to volunteer to help, please click here.

Sleep Better to be a Your Best


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In a culture of massive amounts of technology use and never ending social media, getting a great night of sleep may seem like a dream. However, using your mental powers is a wonderful way to sleep more soundly and feel more refreshed. Keep these dos and don’ts provided by The Huffington Post in mind tonight when you climb into bed:


Reflect on what you are thankful for: This is a great way to increase your sleep quality, and stop tossing and turning. Grab a pen and keep a gratitude journal to boost sleep and happiness.

Imagine a perfect next day: Don’t stress about meeting your goals, see yourself tackling them and being successful. Mapping out those positive outcomes can lead to realistic solutions as sleep helps you become more creative and productive.

Fill your mind with relaxing thoughts: Counting sheep or doing math problems may be too mentally challenging to fall asleep. Try picturing a beautiful image, reflecting on a positive mantra– or envision yourself on your ideal serene vacation.


Play the “What If” game: Especially during trying times like now, there are many things that are out of our control. While you can not always control what happens, you do have the ability to determine how you will let events dictate your actions. Remain attuned to the many blessings around us all as we all work to rebuild.

Worry about your email: Forget about all those Facebook, Instagram, and text message notifications. Not only will you end up stressing or exciting yourself, the blue light that emits from your favorite technology devices can decrease your sleep quality, keeping your sleep hormone melatonin from bringing you shut-eye.

Obsess over an argument: According to a study by researchers at the University of Massachusetts, sleep preserves and enhances negative emotions. You’ll still be angry when you wake up so, resolve conflicts or simply let them go.

Replay your to-do list over, and over: Write it down and know that you will get it done. Sometimes the best way to be successful is to know when to stop working and allow your brain to refresh itself as it expands your cognitive abilities.

Remember to wind down before your bedtime with relaxing activities and stay away from electronics. Take advantage of the benefits that 7-9 hours of high-quality shut-eye provide; it’s free! Working together as a community, we will come out stronger than ever before!

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