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11 Ways Sleeping Well Makes Your Life Better

11 Ways Sleeping Well Makes Your Life Better

A great night of sleep instantly not only makes you feel better in the morning, but it also boosts your productivity and health. If you haven’t been making high-quality shut-eye a priority in your life, here’s 11 things you are missing out on according to


Boosts your memory: Your brain is hard at work while you sleep, strengthening memories and practicing all of those new skills you learned throughout the day, making learning a breeze!

Helps you live longer: Sleeping too little or too much has been linked to an earlier death. While a cause and effect relationship hasn’t been found, researchers suspect that the increased risk of illness and disease plays a role.

Keeps inflammation away: Arthritis, diabetes, stroke and heart disease are all associated with inflammation. One study even found that getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night is linked to a higher risk of having a heart attack.

Improves grades: Chronic sleep loss makes it harder for students to pay attention and learn new skills, resulting in lower grades and GPAs. Tucking in on time allows the brain and body to re-charge and reinforce new knowledge.

Maximizes creativity: Whether you need to finish an art project or come up with a creative solution to a problem, good sleep has got your back. As your brain is reorganizing your memories as you snooze, it allows thoughts that you may not have come up with to cross paths.

Makes you a winner: Athletes receive a tremendous boost in their performance by sleeping well, resulting in faster reaction times, more stamina, quicker speeds and speedy recoveries.

Leads to better behaved kids: When kids are sleep deprived they can become impulsive, hyperactive and lack focus, mimicking ADHD symptoms.

Keeps your weight in check: Healthy diets are better for high-quality snooze as both sleep and metabolisms are controlled by the same parts of the brain. A night without sleep increases cravings for fatty, sugary foods, which you’ll eat too much of with your huge appetite.

Lowers stress: A lack of sleep welcomes elevated stress levels with open arms, increasing your chances of cardiovascular disease. Getting the proper amount of sleep every night can improve blood pressure and reduce stress.

Helps you avoid accidents: Drowsy driving contributed to the highest number of fatal car accidents in which the driver drove off the road in 2009, which was more than people who were under the influence.

Keeps depression away: Sleeping well decreases anxiety and stress, while making for a much happier following day.

Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep every night to make each day a success. Commit to improving your life by climbing into bed earlier tonight!

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