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When you sleep better, you can work better!

Sleep Can Help You Succeed at Work!

Sleep Better to Work Better! You may have heard that getting enough sleep can help you in your work life. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, who build their companies by giving their all each and every day. Unfortunately, most adults do not get a good night’s sleep, and part of the reason is the […]

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Sleep better for a better life.

Does sleep lead to a stronger heart?

You know how important heart health is, and you’re doing everything you can to keep your heart healthy. From limiting alcoholic beverages to hitting the gym and turning down cigarettes, you’ll do what it takes. But did you know that sleep quality can also affect your heart health? A recent study shows that obstructive sleep […]

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Better sleep for better leadership

Sleep-Deprived Leaders are Less Inspiring

Because of unusually demanding schedules, many leaders feel they have to trade sleep time for additional work time. This trade-off of sleep for work can result in unwanted consequences. Inspiring leadership relies on a leader who can inspire people to perform at their peak and do their very best work every day. Leaders who show positive emotions […]

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