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Meet Sleep Smarter’s Brandon Jackson!

Ask Sleep Expert Brandon Jackson

Welcome to Sleep Smarter, and our weekly Q&A session with myself, Brandon Jackson.  I am truly excited to provide you with the best information possible help you reap all of the health benefits that great quality sleep has to offer!

I have worked at Gallery Furniture in Houston, Texas for over 13 years in the bedding department and have dedicated my life to all things sleep related! I am a sleep and mattress expert, and considered “sleep certified” by every major mattress brand. I’ve also sold more than 20,000 mattresses in my career.

In regards to mattress knowledge, I’ve studied under three of the world’s top sleep pathologists and  have been to the manufacturing facilities of literally every major mattress manufacturer in America, including Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Stearns and Foster, and many others, as well as a few facilities in 3 other countries. I’ve also recently had the honor of designing a mattress with Dormeo Octaspring.

Beyond bedding, I have read thousands of articles, dozens of books, and spent hundreds of hours with the top sleep pathologists in the world to learn more about sleep as a practice, sleep health, and how sleep affects our bodies and brains.

Here in Houston, TX, St. Luke’s Hospital has certified my program as being the most proficient and most scientific way to diagnose sleeping surfaces for people without being a doctor. Memorial Herman Hospital has also granted me the same certification. Many mattress manufacturers here in the USA such as Tempur-Pedic, Sealy and others consider me an expert in foam, fabrics, steel, engineering, as well as diagnosing sleep issues for people.

I will be answering as many questions as possible about anything sleep-related. Submit your questions through comments or email and I will do my best to give you solid advice. Hopefully, my sleep tips will change the way you think about getting high quality shut-eye!

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2 Responses to Meet Sleep Smarter’s Brandon Jackson!

  1. kbharmon February 29, 2016 at 2:11 pm #

    Brandon, quick question! I go to a retreat (Twelve Pines) that bought 28 of your model 8229 mattresses in 11/14. I purchased and had that delivered to my house yesterday. I was going to order the one off the website (Full size) which was a slight upgrade. I was told that you don’t carry the one on the website anymore. The ones at the retreat sure feel like they have some memory foam in them, as I can sleep on my side. I tested the one delivered to my house last night, and could not! It was so firm that I kept waking up and having to reposition. At the retreat, I find myself waking up in same position I went to sleep in, and pain free. There is some difference between that model from 11/14 and now…any recommendations? I need full size, and was told the 8229 was the only one in the Mack o Pedic?

    • Sara Hickey March 16, 2016 at 2:29 pm #

      This is a great question! Please call into the 281-810-9746 store and ask for Brandon or one of our Sleep Experts so they can look up your past order and help you!

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