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Ask Brandon: What’s the Word on Beds?

Ask Brandon

Finding the right mattress or adjusting your current mattress can produce a higher quality of sleep, leading to a better you! I hope that last night you slept the recommended 7-9 hours by the National Sleep Foundation. I did, and I am more than ready to get into more of your submitted questions!

Q: I just purchased a new king size TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme (mostly because I was afraid of buying something cheap and it becoming a coffin in a year), could I have gotten away with something A LOT cheaper with the same quality? Also, what can I put on the mattress to keep it cool? This thing heats up like a furnace in the middle of the night.

A:  First off, I would advise you to, “classically make up your bed,” a technique that I also use. Put on your mattress protector first, and then two fitted sheets on the bed, which is referred to as “the classically making up your bed” technique. This will help create a barrier between yourself and the mattress. It has been shown to cool the bed by 5 or 6 degrees. Regarding the quality and price question, my short answer is no. You spent the right amount of money for the right quality of bedding. I think your bed is EXCELLENT. We have the least amount of problems with that mattress versus any other bed I sell, and across all brands we sell as a team. I hope you enjoy it, you made a great decision!

Q: Hey Brandon! What is the word on waterbeds?

A: Waterbeds have been trying to make a comeback. They’ve been off the market for awhile, but at the furniture markets that I’ve attended recently (conventions where furniture and accessory vendors gather to show their new wares) I’ve seen a number of new applications involving water. It may not make a full comeback, but I would expect to see more of them in the consumer marketplace in the near future. Water disperses; it doesn’t conform, so I’m not a huge waterbed fan. However, I am a fan of low pressure, which water beds allow, so for some people that may be preferred.

Q: My problem is that I never find beds that are soft enough. I really like a mattress that absorbs you, but every time I get one it just gets less soft over time as it compacts, and flipping it doesn’t do much. Any suggestions?

A: My first advice would be to buy a mattress topper. A 2-4 inch, good quality mattress topper could make a significant impact. There are some that are available for as little as $30 to $40, while the luxury brands go up to a few hundred dollars. Wal-Mart or Target are perfect places to shop  and seeking out name branded ones like Sealy or Serta can sometimes help to find a higher quality option more quickly. Please note, we do not sell mattress toppers, so I have no profit incentive in these recommendations. I truly do think the right mattress topper can really help in providing more comfort for your sleep experience!

Thank you all for asking such wonderful sleep-related questions, someone else may have wanted to know what you were thinking as well. Your mattress is an important component to your sleep cave, if not the most important. Listen to your body to find out what works for you, there is no one answer for everyone!

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