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Ask Brandon: What’s the Best Sleep Gear for Me?

Ask Brandon

How long have you had your mattress? More than 10 years? What about that flat pillow– is it giving you support? It may be time for a change. Don’t miss out on getting great nights of sleep, it helps maintain your health, and ensures you have enough energy for success!

Q: I have a small waist and big hips. When I sleep I toss and turn due to pain in my hips where the difference in touching the bed is. I have tried using pillows to help alleviate some of the pain, but it doesn’t work well. Which mattress would be the ideal choice for me?

A: I advise something softer that yields around the hip and comforts and supports that nerve ending in your hip. It may be hard to find, but I would advise laying on mattresses you are considering for at least 10 minutes or more to see how it feels to you. If you’re considering a Tempur-Pedic, I’d advise looking into the Cloud Supreme, or Cloud Luxe product models, which will fit your needs very well. Thank you so much!

Q: How do I train myself to sleep on my back or side? I’m a stomach sleeper and it’s really messing with my neck.

A: Good job being knowledgeable about it and working towards that goal. I advise using pillows as barriers to force yourself to sleep on your side, including a pillow for normal use under your head and a pillow between your knees. Great job working towards it! You can do it!

Q: Can you recommend a brand of pillow? My dad is extremely picky and keeps rejecting pillows for being too soft, too hard, too squishy, etc!

A: Tempur-Pedic pillows are great if he is comfortable with a memory foam pillow. Alternatively,  a latex pillow might be perfect, they are cool to avoid heat build up with a nice balance of being firm while still soft to the touch. I personally prefer down pillows. Thank you so much for asking and good luck on your pillow search!

Remember to keep your room cool, dark, and free of electronic usage as you are getting to sleep tonight!  You don’t want to miss out on the great health benefits that sleep provides. Sleep better, live better! Send in your sleep-related questions to and I’ll be sure that you get an answer!

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