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Ask Brandon: What to Expect From a New Mattress

Ask Brandon

Making an investment in a mattress is an important decision, as we all deserve to get the best night of sleep every night. No question is too small when it comes to selecting the perfect mattress to meet all of your needs!

How can a person determine whether a mattress is good for them without sleeping on it? I’ve been to a mattress store and they all feel pretty soft to me, but that’s after like 2 minutes on it. How do I know which one will still be feeling good after years?

A: That’s a great question! The question really comes down to, how do you know what the load density loss is over time of use? In all honesty, there is only one metric for that which is called a “rollator test.” It’s basically a large metal circular roll that weighs a certain amount (usually 165 pounds) and simulates time of usage over years. With that being said, beds without quilt will generally hold up better. In other words, which beds have the least amount of material that could fail in it? Tempur -Pedic or Dormeo (memory foam mattresses) have no quilt, so their time of use is much longer than a Simmons or Serta spring mattress that have 1-2 inches of quilt. Spring mattresses in general are going to have quilt in them, and therefore a higher failure rate. All memory foam is not created equal, I can say that Tempur-Pedic and Dormeo brands use no quilt, and therefore am comfortable personally saying it should have a longer life cycle for you.

Q: I recently bought a new mattress. It was a significant investment. The new mattress feels different than the one in the store. I expected this to occur for a little while, but how long should it take for it to feel like the mattress I wanted?

A: It can take anywhere from 7-30 days to, “break in,” the mattress. This is normal. Most establishments who sell beds will offer you a 30-90 day sleep guarantee. It is not uncommon for it to take 30 days or more for the mattress to reach the comfort level you experienced in store. Thanks for asking! I hope you enjoy your new mattress!

Learning about mattresses is a great start to learning what it will take for you to improve on your sleep. Continue asking your questions, as I am excited to provide you with an answer to all things sleep!


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