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Ask Brandon: The Facts Behind Pillows

Ask Brandon

Pillows are one of the key components that most people think of it comes to being comfortable in bed. They are just as unique as mattresses; your pillow preference may not be the same as the person you sleep next to, and that is perfectly normal!

Q: Speaking in terms of evolution, how level was a person’s head meant to be when sleeping? Should we be using pillows? If you could tell a person the ideal way to use a pillow for their health (without personal preference tainting their experience) which type of pillow would you recommend? Any? None?

A: I do not know if we as people were intended to use pillows. However, many people do enjoy them and many people use them incorrectly. The ideal way to use a pillow is to fit it between the earlobe and the shoulder, it should be gently touching both, to create proper adjacency between taking the pressure off the shoulder and opening up the airways in the neck.

I think it’s a personal choice to use a pillow or not, I do use a pillow myself.  My preference is down pillows. I personally prefer Hungarian down, double de-quilled, about 500 grams (and no, we do not sell these sort at the store I work at). I am a big guy, and that seems to work with me best. Many people enjoy memory foam pillows such as from Tempur-Pedic or Dormeo; it’s a matter of personal preference. There is no one perfect pillow.

Q: What pillow would you recommend for someone who wants a very soft pillow but not one that makes their head sink through the whole pillow? Also looking for something luxury and a bit on the higher end?

A: You may want to look up Pandora Sheets & Pillows out of Jacksonville, FL. They are  very high end and  very luxurious pillows. We used to carry them at Gallery Furniture, but not anymore. As a pillow goes, they are my preference. Tempur-Pedic and Dormeo are a close second and third in my book.

Q: I find it extremely hard to fall asleep, and I usually wake up with neck pain. What pillows and/or mattresses do you recommend?

A: Neck pain, and not back pain, is usually more pillow related than mattress related. I would advise looking into those Tempur-Pedic and Dormeo pillows first then, if you are still experiencing neck pain look into those same mattress brands. Lie down for at least 10 minutes to see how you feel while testing.

Keep the questions and comments coming! It is a joy of mine to help people understand all things sleep-related for their best night’s rest!

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