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Ask Brandon: Mattresses, Pillows And Dreaming

Ask Brandon

Why shouldn’t we put our best foot forward when it comes to sleep? We step up to plate in other areas of our life while forgetting that sleep gives everything that we do an additional boost. Making sure that you get 7-9 hours of shut-eye every night will make your to-do list so much easier to handle!

Q: My mother is starting to look for a new mattress, but none of the stores seem to have the same particular products, they’ll have the same brands, but all the particular mattresses within that brand seem to have different names from store to store, making comparison shopping extremely difficult (I’m assuming this is intentional). Is there any way to tell if a particular mattress is the same but just with a different name?

A: Great question. Visit and type in the name or different names from the stores you visit and their system can cross reference if they are the same, similar or different. That’s an industry secret, seriously — But very effective!

Q: What about doubling up on pillows? Do you recommend it? I end up with one pillow for my head, and kind of clutching another pillow like I’m married to it.

A: That’s absolutely normal. I would advise only one pillow under your head, but an additional one to hold onto is actually very helpful in alleviating stress from your opposite shoulder, and if you like an additional pillow between your knees, this is also advisable because you won’t twist your back. You’re doing great! Keep it up!

Q: The past week I have been waking up around 2-4am. I go to bed around 10:30-11pm each night and wake up at 7:05 every morning. My mattress is very comfy and I have no complaints. What would be the cause of this?

A: It could be stress related or possibly a false bladder reading, which is to say waking up with the feeling you need to go to the restroom. If it’s not stress related (say a new stressor in your life in recent weeks) it could be a deeper psychological issue that your mind is simply unwilling to let go of. At that stage in the night, you should be in the real rejuvenation part of your sleep pattern, and should be at your deepest stage of sleep at that time. I myself have found that keeping a stress journal helps.  I write down any stressors or anxieties before bed, then put that journal in a nearby drawer, and “put away” those thoughts for the evening.  Perhaps this or light yoga before bed could help. Thank you for your question!

Q: Approximately 6 hours after I fall asleep I start dreaming quite vividly. This happens 99% of the time. Is this part of the sleep doing me any good or should I try to minimize this dreaming time? Also, would you recommend a magnetic underlay? They’re advertised profusely in my country but I’ve heard good things.

A:I f you’re not dreaming, you’re not getting the rejuvenation part of the sleep process, so it’s a great thing that you have dreams 99% of the time. I am not a huge proponent of magnetic underlay for circulation, but I have no information that is contrary to it. I personally don’t understand how a magnet can influence blood circulation, but I’ve met people who absolutely swear by them. Thanks for the great questions!

Thanks for allowing me share such incredible sleep information with you all! Keep the questions rolling in at!

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