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Ask Brandon: Improving Your Sleep One Question At A Time!

Ask Brandon

It is important that you find out what key components will help you improve your sleep quality. Mattresses, pillows, your sleeping position, bedroom temperature and so much more, all have a profound effect on how you rest. There were some awesome questions this week! Thank you all so much! 

Q: When I wake up in the morning, I can’t have a lie in for too long without my back slowly building up into quite a lot of pain. When I get up the pain fades within a few minutes. I have no back problems except if I lie on my back for too long following waking up, is this my mattress?

A: Actually no, it’s your spine. The spine does not get nutrients while you sleep, so the act of you getting up and moving around is getting that lubrication back to the spine, thus alleviating the back pain. Thanks for asking, I hope that helps!

Q: What do you recommend as far as mattresses to someone with mild scoliosis?

A: Thanks for asking!  To be honest, I advise consulting your family physician about that question first. Buying a very good mattress and box spring will help a lot. I would not purchase a cheaper one, as scoliosis is a very serious spinal defect. Your physician may advise you to purchase a more firm or softer one based on your current medical treatment. When you do feel you that you have enough information to make your informed decision, again I recommend buying a high quality mattress that fits your budget to provide the support and comfort you deserve.

Q: What is the best, and affordable, material or filling in a pillow which won’t lose its shape? I don’t want to spend a fortune but I want a cold stiff pillow to remain that way

A: The best filling for a pillow to keep its shape is a synthetic fiber and feather mix. It is important to have a HIGH thread count and natural material pillow cover to keep you cool and comfortable. Fiber+pillow = no flatness. Also, these won’t break the bank; some are relatively cheap for the quality, in the $20-$40 range.

Take control of your body and prepare it for sleep throughout the day. Avoid caffeine after 2 pm and evening naps.  Always strive to give your body the best sleep possible and it will pay you back tenfold! For more sleep help, email me at

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