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Ask Brandon: Getting The Best Out Of Your Sleep

Ask Brandon

As a sleep expert at Gallery Furniture, I am truly passionate about all things sleep! Helping someone else sleep better makes my day, as I have had my own personal battle with getting the proper amount of high-quality snooze.  Thanks for asking such wonderful questions this week! 

Q: I’ve been reading articles online about which position is the best to sleep in, e.g. on your back, your stomach, your side, etc… What is your opinion on this? Thanks!

A: Thanks for asking! Sleeping on your stomach is the absolute worst way to sleep. Sleeping on your side usually makes you snore less. Sleeping on your back usually makes you snore more. If you are currently sleeping on your stomach, I would advise trying to sleep on your side. If you’re sleeping on your side, I advise sleeping with a pillow between your knees which will alleviate the stress on your lower back.

Q: How do you calculate what the best amount of sleep for yourself? I’m around 7 hours of sleep a night at age 23. Is that about normal?

A: That’s pretty close to the ideal amount for someone of your age group! For a 23 year old, it would be ideal to reach 7.5-8.5 hours of sleep every night. So at 7.0 hours, you’re pretty close! Keep up the hard work; you’re doing a great job!

Q:  Hey Brandon, I guess my question is: I apparently move a lot and talk a lot during my sleep. The only time is doesn’t happen is when I’m absolutely exhausted when I go to sleep.  I have a lot of dreams and I frequently wake up still tired, what’s the deal? What do I need to change so that sleeping doesn’t involve talking, moving around, and being tired?

A: It sounds like you are not cycling normally through REM sleep or NREM sleep. Somniloquy is a common term for the act of speaking during sleep. It is an abnormal behavior, but it is considered harmless unless you are having it during REM or NREM sleep. It is considered to be genetic and you may want to consult your general physician in regards to this. A lot of times it may be linked to stress or night terror behavior. So sorry for your experiences, keep fighting the good fight! Also work hard to be as stress free as possible and I commend you for continuing to work toward getting the maximum amount of sleep possible.

Push forward in making sure you are getting the benefits of sleep. You will see a positive change in your health physically, mentally and emotionally! Thank you all for allowing me to assist you in your quest!

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