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Ask Brandon: Are Mattresses Overrated?

Ask Brandon

Although they were in a different form than we are used to, mattresses have been around since the beginning of time. Scientists have even discovered that  our ancestors from 77,000 years ago appreciated a good night’s sleep. They used plants to make their bedding, which contained insecticide chemicals to provide comfort and also keep away mosquitoes. This demonstrates how unique mattress are to each individual; every one has their own preference and adjusts accordingly!

Question Of The Day–

Q:  People have been sleeping on the ground for a lot longer time period than using than mattresses, and I personally feel much better after sleeping on a hard surface. Look at Japan for example, legit yoga mats and they their life expectancy is higher than us Americans.  Are we all just too used to mattresses?

A: The sleep community has as of late decided that sleeping on a hard surface is not the best way to achieve back support. Imagine your back as an “S” (as your spine is S-curved, per se):  lean up against a wall and the, slip your hand under your lower lumbar area. You will feel a gap there, a space between your lumbar and the wall. Therefore, a mattress which helps to fill that gap is going to provide you a better level of back support, compared to lying on the floor.

Many people who live in Japan, including native Japanese citizens, do sleep on mattresses. There are a number of mattress companies who have built factories there, including Sealy, Serta, Noah and many others.

As people slept on the floor in the past, they slept on hay, or as you said, a yoga mat or other mats, all of which were part of the transition from sleeping on the floor to our modern mattresses. There are of course many very firm mattresses for sleepers who prefer such a surface.

Don’t be afraid ask questions when searching for the perfect addition to your sleep cave. Remember that your sleep requirements are unique.  You mattress preference may not be the same as the next person. Keep striving to understand what it will take to sleep better every night!

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