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A simple light snooze has never been so restful.

Sleeping on an airplane

Sleep on the Plane – Arrive Rested and Ready to Go! A red-eye flight always sounds like such a great idea. You can make the most of your vacation time by sleeping on the plane and arriving at your destination ready to take in all of the sights. But, because sleeping on a plan can […]

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A sleep mask can help you sleep better and longer!

Is a sleep mask the right choice for me?

We’ve all had those nights: You climb into bed, but you can’t fall asleep because the street light outside is just a little too bright. Over the years, plenty of products have taken aim at eliminating the light affecting sleep. Sleep masks are one of these products. Before you invest in a sleep mask, you may […]

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Create a calm retreat

Create a Retreat with Scandinavian Simplicity

Achieving high fashion and the ultimate function in your bedroom is well within reach. Look no further than Scandinavian bedroom designs for some inspiration. Bed frames, bedside tables and bedroom accessories with a Nordic touch are all in style this season. As you update your bedroom in the utmost style, here are some things to […]

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Adjustable Beds!

Do adjustable beds help with sleep apnea?

If you or your partner have sleep apnea, that likely means one or both of you are waking up and feeling like you barely got a wink of rest. There are many treatments available for this exhausting condition, all depending on its severity, but one in particular may present the most comfortable solution for you and your partner. Lying […]

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Sleep Learning

Can you learn in your sleep?

What if you could sharpen the mind simply by sleeping? According to studies outlined in David Robson’s BBC article “Can you learn in your sleep?” you can. Let’s take some time to talk about the definition of sleep learning, as well as the methods used for making it work.  What is sleep learning?  The concept of sleep learning […]

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